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International Surrogacy - Methods for Finding the Right Program

Surrogacy Cancun

International surrogacy is surely an ever-growing choice for many families seeking to build their families through surrogacy but at significantly lower costs than may be offered in america. While international surrogacy can certainly offer great cost savings, it is vital that the programs provide a full-range of services from legal to psychological care and counseling, and will include careful monitoring of surrogates as well as the process.

Surrogacy Cancun

The most effective programs should offer quality services by professional staff and follow standards much like those accompanied by first class domestic surrogacy programs and promulgated by the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Standards (ASRM).

This is a list of issues to find:

1. Standards. This program maintains standards for surrogacy qualifications which include age restrictions, health standards, successful birth history, and thorough psychological screening and medical screening. The program should follow standards such as those established from the American Society of Reproductive Medicine.

2. Psychological Screening of Surrogates by Professional Staff. This is a critical part of a successful surrogacy arrangement. Professional evaluation of your surrogate's readiness to turn into a surrogate is essential.

3. Ongoing Education, Counseling and Support. The very best programs could have developed educational programs for surrogates on every aspect of the process, and provide ongoing counseling and support for surrogates through the process.

4. Oversight of Surrogates. Close oversight of surrogates such as unannounced home visits and agency coordination and direct participation in all surgical procedures and routine examinations ought to be an integral part of a highly run program.

5. Professional, credentialed staff. The agency must have professional, credentialed staff including legal and psychological care staff who is able to provide understanding the legal and psychological aspects of the procedure.

6. U.S. and Foreign Offices. This system should have staff and offices in the United States and the foreign country so that communication is handled by experienced staff inside the U.S. and can lessen communication issues which may otherwise occur.

7. Evaluation and Counseling of Intended Parents. This may not seem necessary or even preferred but evaluation and counseling by licensed psychologists can provide tremendous insights to Intended Parents, aid in coping with issues surrounding surrogacy arrangements and help Intended Parents to raised prepare using the surrogacy process and cope with issues as they arise. It's an invaluable and demanding element in any well managed surrogacy program.

Their list should function as a guide in evaluating international surrogacy programs. This can be one of the most important life decisions you will ever make and price savings shouldn't cloud the fundamental requirements, standards and professionalism that must be within the professional support that you'll receive with this most precious journey to parenthood.


Surrogacy Cancun